"A return to what Off-Off was originally for...

clever writing, produced on a shoestring, full of the sheer delight of doing things with words."    

-Helen Shaw, New York Magazine

The Pool is a pop-up theater company producing three volcanic new plays in rep in the fall of 2021 in New York City. Our artist-led production model puts playwrights at the helm of our processes, and in support of one another, as we bring three bold new plays to life at the beloved New Ohio Theatre. We're proud to play our part in the return of live theater. Join us!

Playwrights Kate Cortesi, Brenda Withers, and Emily Zemba inherited The Pool from co-founders Susan Bernfield, Lynn Rosen, and Peter Gil-Sheridan, a trio of visionary playwright-producers who produced their own plays at The Flea in 2017. Once our shows have closed, we'll pass the company on to another cohort of brave playwrights. So you see, we're not just producing plays: we're creating a sustainable model of artist-led theater production. Our audience base, on-the-job wisdom, and brand will be inherited by the next generation of Pool Playwrights.

At a time when theater makers are asking not just If we can get back to work but How, The Pool offers an empowering, sustainable model that centers artists and their vision.