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The Pool is a proud participant in New Georges' Supported Productions program, in which New Georges 

provides mentorship, resources and an institutional platform to its affiliated artists who produce their own work. 

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Peter Gil, a legendary but retired playwright, has been whisked away to Mallorca to a fantasy life by his husband, tennis superstar Rafael Nadal. When he returns to New York to let his friends know just how successful his life has become, he finds them (actress Eva Patton and casting director John Ort, CSA) in disarray at a posh New York City restaurant. When Rafa himself comes to retrieve his love, Peter is transported back to Mallorca to do battle with the realities of Rafa’s life, family, and career.

"His characters are wild & wonderful. His dialogue is sharp-edged razor wit mingled with moments of zany mad cap physical comedy that had the audience in stitches.​"


Rafa Cast

The cast includes Juan Arturo (The Oregon Trail; David in the Rivals; Educated Fleas), Olli Haaskivi (USA’s “Mr. Robot,” Bella: An American Tall Tale at Playwrights Horizons; Who’s Your Baghdaddy? Or How I Started The Iraq War at Actors Temple), Tommy Heleringer (web series “The Outs”; Studio Theatre; Williamstown), Annie Henk (To The Bone at Cherry Lane; Enfrascada with Clubbed Thumb), Megan Hill (Hand to God at EST; Kentucky with EST/P73), and Tommy Russell (Commedia dell’Artichoke at Gene Frankel Theater; The Fever at The Shed/Brooklyn College; Out of the Box with Bryce Pinkham).


I just keep looking at his smile,

that amazing smile, that makes me just want to kiss him from the moment

I wake up until the moment I go to sleep.


She’ll probably be back. We all...have our moments where we need to just break away.

Shake it off. Move to a faraway land and change everything. But we come back. We always come back.