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The Pool = 3 Plays

Tania in the Getaway Van 

"It starts in 1975 with 11-year-old Laura, whose mom, caught up in the women’s movement – okay, really my mom went back to school and work and became all liberated and tried to pull me along. I never thought I'd write about it (women's movement, eww!). Until I found a way in, and her name was Patty Hearst."  ---Susan Bernfield



Your mom told me about this workshop she took

with a whole bunch of other, uh


that’s what made her want to go back to school.​

And she asks me questions, sometimes?

About what I think about, and what I want to be

then later I think, I do

I think I really

I think.

Washed Up On The Potomac

"In this eerie and playful comedy three proofreaders learn that an ex-coworker may have washed up dead on the Potomac. This makes them question their own lives and even dare to change course. This play sprang from my years of proofreading in windowless offices where no one knew my name outside of my fellow proofers. In Washed Up, like in that job, it's small acts of generosity and camaraderie that keep us afloat."

--- Lynn Rosen 



Joyce is not in the river! She is out there doing everything which is more than you can say. I think you're the one in the grey coat, Kate. I think you're in that river.

The Rafa Play 

"The Rafa Play is about my imaginary marriage to Rafael Nadal. There was a time where I was just obsessed with Nadal. He's kind of amazing. I decided to write about my fantasies, how powerful they can be but also how painful. This play explores the universal issues of what it is to work and compete in a world obsessed with winning."

--- Peter Gil-Sheridan



Hell, you wanna smoke meth for five years

and have incredibly dirty druggy tweaky sex

and blow off your volunteer job at the gay senior center,

go for it, fuck it,

mainline that SHIT until you’re 115 pounds

and on death’s door and you turn up on Interfuckingvention!

That’s what the new me. I support your whims,

distractions, and habits wholesale.

Aren’t these martinis fantastic?