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The Pool is a participant in New Georges' Supported Productions program, in which New Georges 

provides mentorship, resources and an institutional platform to its affiliated artists who produce their own work. 

We're pooling resources to bring our plays to life with integrity and immediacy.

We could use your help!

When you support The Pool, you're supporting:

bold female writers

Only a third of plays produced nationwide are written by women.  The Pool addresses the American theater’s gender inequity through practical action, and offers audiences immediate access to the perspectives of a still under-represented population.

independent artistry

The Pool puts the creative process back into the hands of creators.  Rather than wait for the permission of traditional institutions, we're seizing the means of production and letting plays about the current American moment make a splash in real time.     

your fair city

Small theater makes a big difference.  Adventurous, innovative plays have a significant impact on New York's economic and cultural engines.  Investing in passion projects is investing in the prosperity and renown your own community derives from daring art.

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