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The Pool

The Pool is a proud participant in New Georges' Supported Productions program, in which New Georges 

provides mentorship, resources and an institutional platform to its affiliated artists who produce their own work. 

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THE POOL 2020 is a consortium of playwrights presenting three arresting plays in rep. 

Carrying on  The Pool's legacy  of artist-driven production, KATE CORTESI, BRENDA WITHERS,

and EMILY ZEMBA have joined forces to bring their works to life next Fall at the NEW OHIO.


Our ambition is greater than the thrilling prospect of getting our work before an audience.

We're creating a contagious model of playwright-led theater where artists direct our own processes on our own terms. 

We're bringing back the New York where artists teach institutions what culture is (instead of the other way around). 

We're combining practical action and artistic freedom to serve our community, our colleagues, and our wildest dreams.

We're The Pool 2020.